Is Your Favorite “Worship” Song Even a Worship Song? by Darius Good  

I listened to song after song, music project after music project and I could only find a couple of worship songs. Even albums called “worship projects” from our top “worship” leaders from around the country, I could only find at best two or three worship songs on their albums. I had begun the task of removing songs that were not worship songs from the list we sung to open our Sunday services. After removing the majority of the songs we use to sing, I was left with a short list. And was now disheartened as…

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If you are not familiar with the term "good ground" it is used in a story told by Jesus found in the book of Matthew, Mark and Luke. In this parable Jesus discusess the importance of being good ground in order to receive the promise God has made to those who hear God's word. The story explains that there are four types of ground but we all need to be "good ground" in order to receive. 

Before we tackle understanding this parable, I believe it's important that we understand this is the most important…

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GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME? by Pastor Darius Good 

Those of us that have attended church may have at some point heard this phrase, "God is good, all the time." And those of us familiar with this phrase know the expected response by the congregation is, "and all the time, God is good." 

I have recently been doing a bible study and we have been exploring the difficulties of living a life fully submitted to God. As much as we pray that prayer of submission, "Lord use me, Lord I'm yours, my will, my desire, it's all yours..." Most of us have made this…

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"PRAYER DOESN'T WORK" - by Pastor Darius Good 

I woke to the news of a black motorist being shot unjustly by a police officer who had pulled him over for a broken taillight. The young man, even though in compliance, was killed in front of his daughter and girlfriend while reaching for his ID. The next day I awaken to news that at a protest rally in Dallas, TX, 5 police officers were killed in retaliation to the increased number of black men being killed at the hands of police officers. As I opened my social media apps I was met with pictures and…

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I GOT SAVE AND THINGS GOT WORSE - Part 1 by Pastor Darius Good 

As a pastor I have heard this statement several times and packaged in many ways. I have been asked, "I thought now that I'm saved things would have become easier?" "Why if I have God are things so difficult?" "I thought God is suppose to fix everything." 

Allow me to share my experience with you. It was 2004, I was still living with my parents. When I woke up one morning as I laid on my bed I saw this large black cloud. I have never seen a cloud this dark in real life. This cloud I was seeing in the vision…

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Is falling out in church scriptural? A friend of mine called me not too long ago and asked me this question. He had just read something that explained that people "falling out under the power" or being "slain in the spirit" was not in the scriptures. The article stated that there are no examples in the scripture where we see ministers laying hands and people falling out. Having witnessed this occurrence, my friend called me to ask if this was indeed true. 

I grew up at Bible Gospel Center where every…

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THE FIRST TIME I RECOGNIZED GOD'S VOICE (part 4) - by Pastor Darius Good 

Charles Capps sermon, "Understanding the Human Spirit," rang over and over inside of me. For every example he gave of hearing God's voice I thought of examples of my own that I could offer. I told my father how God had never spoke to me and now I was realizing He's been speaking my entire life. 
Then as I was reading Kenneth Hagin's book "I Believe in Visions," he shared a story that reemphasized my moment of understanding.  He explained how he had received an invitation to speak at a church. He was… Read more

THE FIRST TIME I RECOGNIZED GOD'S VOICE (Part 3) - by Pastor Darius Good 

I now possessed this excitement and feeling that I was finally on the right track. My efforts of seeking God to hear His voice was now producing results. My "ahha" moment brought a feeling of excitement which let me know I was headed in the right direction but it raised several questions. The feeling that would come when I decided to do something and then felt it wasn't going to work out was a familiar feeling. I actually listened to it more times than not, however, with this new found revelation I decided…Read more

THE FIRST TIME I RECOGNIZED GOD'S VOICE (part 2)... by Pastor Darius Good 

I had taken my dad's advice and committed to reading through the bible in its entirety. My dad/pastor had explained to me that in order to hear God's voice I needed something in me through which He could speak. My dad told me to begin by reading through the bible. I heard him when he said "begin." So I knew there was more to the process. In addition, I began listening to the sermons on hearing God's voice. I listened to Kenneth Hagin and Charles Capps. I listened to the same few sermons over and over and… Read more

THE FIRST TIME I RECOGNIZED GOD'S VOICE (part 1)... by Pastor Darius Good 

Article from The Daily Tidings in Ashland, OR

When I was born my parents were already pastoring. On Sunday mornings Sunday school followed by our worship service was the norm in our house. Not going to church was never an option or even a thought. I would sit and hear my dad's sermons about God and God speaking to different ones every Sunday. My dad was a very sincere man, a man that lived what he preached so I never questioned whether he was lying or if God was real. I simply believed him, as well as the… Read more