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Episode 48: Good Treasure Radio - Strong Faith pt2  

In this episode, your bible teacher Darius Good continues teaching on Faith. Understanding that faith is made up of 12 dimensions, Darius focuses on the dimension of faith called Strong Faith. He explains the requirements and laws connected to this part of the system of faith. 


This episode features the song "Jesus the King" performed by TJ Clarke. This song is on the album Jesus the King, written and produced by Darius Good. Look for it today on every digital and streaming platform. 

Episode 30: ABUNDANCE SERIES: The Place of Abundance/ Lord of All  

As Pastor Darius continues his teaching on prosperity, he explains an interesting conversation he and the Lord had in regards to abundance. In this sermon he describes the change of thinking and the mindset that must be embraced so that prosperity can exist in the entire life of the believer.

Episode 26: Doctrines Series... Repentance from Dead Works (John A. Good)  

Doctrines All Believers Should Know!!!  Repentance is disc 1 of 16 in this dynamic series in which Reverend John Good explains the 6 doctrines that our faith is built upon. As outlined in Hebrews Chapter 6: repentance from dead works, faith toward God, baptisms, laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment are explored in the 16-disc series. This series is available in our store and is a must have for all those seeking to have a strong foundation.