To say I love music is an understatement. Taking music lessons since the age of 5, graduating from the University of New Haven with a B.A. in Music Business followed by a short career in the music industry where I co-produced for several major artist including the late Whitney Houston, you can kind of see how I feel about music...

This page was inspired by a friend of mine who said to me that she couldn't find good Christian music to listen to. And so I hope this page will be of help to you as well. Be blessed - Darius Good


Dante Bowe, worship Pastor for world renowned worship artist, Eddie James, has released his album entitled, "Son of a Father." His break out single, “Potter and Friend”, features American Idol Alum, Jesse Cline. This is not your typical "worship project." Dante has a world sound. And he has be blessed minister around the world and has performed on such platforms as: The Word Network, Call Azusa with Lou Engle, TBN, T.D. Jakes' the Potters House , The Ramp with Karen Wheaton, Perry Stone and OCI. He has also toured in Israel, the Philippines, and has extensively toured Europe.

"Son of a Father" is on iTunes and as well as Spotify. Check out his project today.

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Some people play the organ and then you have organist. Corey Henry is an organist. Corey is an American jazz organist and pianist, gospel musician and music producer. He started his music career in 2006 by touring with various mainstream and gospel artists.

In 2016 Corey released a project called "The Revival (Live)." This project charted on the billboard charts. What I love most about this project is it captured what you hear and feel if you ever get to experience Cory Henry live. This album is definitely a must have in your collection.

You can visit his website at:


SEAN C. JOHNSON (Circa 1993) 

"Circa 1993" is name of Sean C. Johnson's latest project. This gospel project is the perfect blend of hip hop, neo and gospel. If you are a lover of contemporary gospel music, this is truly a music have project for your collection. Sean has a gift of maintaining his sound and feel but incorporating some of classic gospel songs many of us grew up on. Check out "Mountains" below. Also Sean's version of "Melodies From Heaven" is such a smooth take on Kirk Franklin's classic song from the same title.  

Click "here" to visit his website today!!!


QT (Quincy Tolliver) 

Quincy Tolliver, who's stage name is QT is another artist I came across on youtube. His music has a very classic R&B sound. His single "Nobody But God" was released in 2014 and is available on iTunes. Another song released by QT is "My Joy" which is a wedding song. Check out his videos below...



I stubbled across this artist who completely caught me by surprise. This Portland, Oregon native has blended gospel, soul and R&B into a very balanced mix that is refreshing to the gospel genre. If I had to describe her music with one word it would be "timeless."  Check out the video for her single "Empty Me Out" and then check out her website. The album is available for download through iTunes.

Visite Liz Vice's website today - click here
There's a Light - iTunes



I normally don't post songs that aren't available for you to purchase (support these talented artist,) however, I had to post this song. I discovered Jasmine Le'shea from a song she sang the hook on for Christian hip hop artist KB. In this video Jasmine and Toning Mallory sing Rescue. I hope she blesses you as much as she blessed me...



S.O. is a Christian hip hop artist based out of London. This is his third album entitled So It Ends. For you hip hop fans it is a pretty good project but the song Wait instantly caught my attention so I wanted to share it with you. This song talks about our need to wait on the Lord while searching for that perfect love one.

Click the video to hear the single Wait by S.O. 

For more information on S.O. visit his website:
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Hollyn - Hollyn (EP) 

Holly Marie Miller, artistically known as Hollyn has released her EP entitled Hollyn on Gotee Records.  Hollyn has appeared on songs with Toby Mac which were well received which lead to her releasing her own project. She has uniquely mixed pop, electronic dance, hip hop and rock into a smooth blend that surprisingly does not leave you wishing she had chosen one genre. The song that caught my attention was her remake of Lacrae's song "All I need is You."  Her song, "Alone", charted on the Billboardmagazine Christina Airplay chart at No. 11 & No. 3 on the Christian Top 40. 

Website:  iTunes: click here  Youtube: click here 




Christon Gray - THE GLORY (album) 

Christon Gray is not a new comer to the industry. But this is his first album signed to Kirk Franklin's label Fo Yo Soul Recordings which is backed by RCA. Being a producer, writer, singer and rapper, Christon displays all of his ability and creativity on this album which reflects Christon's humanity and his complete dependance on God. Christon is not just an artist but is also a praise and worship leader at his church. I believe Christon's unique sound and musical approach fills a void that has been present in the gospel market. - Darius Good

Below are links to where you can find more information, listen and/or purchase this project...

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